One-on-One Coaching for faculty and graduate students who live with the constant pressure of high expectations and need confidence and practical tools to meet these expectations AND to dial back an active mind that compromises recharging time.

You juggle many responsibilities. Research. Course prep. Teaching. Advising. Conferences. Meetings. You do it all! 

Your mind never stops generating ideas and concerns! – Sometimes it feels overwhelming!  

TAME the Chaos!

You CAN have it all – professional accomplishment, meaningful contributions, as well as true freedom for yourself.  

I designed TAME the Chaos, a 4-month professional coaching program, to help faculty & grad students survive and thrive in the profession the love.  

Hello, I’m Janet Hudson, and I’ve been there. As a tenured professor at a major university, I know the pressures and pitfalls that are common among new faculty.  

As YOUR coach, I can provide you the support, structure, and accountability you need to create success and freedom. My passion is helping YOU thrive! 

Let’s work together to implement strategies geared toward your success. Unlike the volumes of productivity hacks you’ve seen splashed all over the Internet, I will help you establish simple systems based on your personal work style.

Schedule your discovery session today to find out how TAME the Chaos can set your foundation that will serve you for years to come. 

Are YOU Ready for True Freedom?

Freedom from guilt, confusion, frustration, perfectionism, overwhelm, and procrastination? 

Freedom to craft the career you want while having time for the people and things you love?

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Imagine you could . . .

  • Set personal & professional goals and develop realistic plans to achieve them
  • Make consistent progress on your path to tenure of complete your dissertation 
  • Align your time with your values and priorities
  • Master productivity habits that fit your style
  • Combat procrastination with evidence-based strategies that work for you.
  • Enjoy a life filled with rewards other than academic success
  • Respect your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs along your professional journey  

If you can imagine YOU being capable of these things, then you can craft the career and life you imagine and this one-on-one coaching program is for you!

Ready to Commit to Building a Foundation that Will Serve You Throughout Your Career?

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What's Included in TAME the Chaos?


Three one-on-one coaching sessions per month. How often are you the object of someone's undivided attention with the sole purpose of helping you accelerate accomplishment of your goals? You will come to your one-on-one coaching session wih your agenda not mine. While I have crafted a structure to guide you, at every step of the journey you set the agenda for the coaching. You are ALWAYS free and welcomed to bring any issue to the coaching session. In our initial 90-minute strategy session we will craft the program you choose, adding or removing areas of focus that fit you. Coaching works far better than training because it’s tailored for the individual and designed to meet you where you are. Plus, I will partner with you through the unique set of challenges you face when you face them. Additionally, I offer text and/or email support between the coaching sessions.

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Understanding a topic intellectually is the first step but until you begin to do the work and apply these ideas to your life, you will not experience significant change. I will provide you with exercises to help you apply the concepts. You will not turn these exercises in to me. Yet these will serve an important role in your progress. Imagine your students only listened to your lectures, but never did any of the work and never tried to apply the theoretical concepts to real problems? You get the picture.  


When requested I'll offer you short tutorials to explain concepts and strategies. These are designed to use as needed. I never dictate to you but offer you the support you need. 


Accountability keeps you from struggling alone and keeps you moving forward. Motivation will wane. Hard times and even discouragement can emerge when you challenge yourself to change and learn new habits. Accountability keeps your goals front and center. When you endeavor to change by yourself you are more susceptible to the inner critic. In this program you are not alone. As your coach, I’m committed to your success. I will partner with you to accelerate your progress. Moreover, I have traveled this same path before you. I understand the challanges and have experienced the transformation.

For 4 Months TAME the Chaos Clients Will Delve Into These Topics 

  • Reality of Now & What I Wish Was True
  • Energy Management: The New Time Management
  • Imagine I Heeded the Call to “Put MY Oxygen Mask On Before Assisting Others”
  • MITs (Most Important Tasks): How to Prioritize Them
  • Essential Strategies to Combat Procrastination
  • Focus Work: Keeping My Attention on my Intention 
  • "Outer Order Inner Calm" Managing the Daily Nitty Gritty


  • Meet My Deadlines As Consistently As I Meet Others’
  • Inbox Zero: Email Strategy to Get You Out of Your Inbox
  • "If You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t, Your Right!"
  • Confidence and Communication: How Others Perceive Me
  • Difficult Conversations: Neither Avoiding nor Provoking Them 
  • Creating a Life With Time for Me as well as the Things & People Who Matter to Me
  • I’ve Set My Course, Now To Maintain It!!

Your Coach: Janet Hudson, Ph.D. ACC

My coaching is unique because I bring 25 years of experience guiding, encouraging, and leading students, faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education. As an educator, scholar, and leader at three very different institutions, I have honed the skills of juggling multiple projects, writing, teaching, publishing, acquiring tenure & promotion, building consensus, mentoring, organizing, designing courses, and coaching others to become their best selves. 

As a coach (Associate Certified with the International Coach Federation), I help clients bring a unique perspective to their challenge. With compassion and grace, I listen and reflect difficult truths when needed. Rather than use fixed formulas, I instead respect each individual's style, pace, and needs. Rather than tell you what to do, I help you discover what you need to do. 

ADHD Coach-Janet Hudson

TAME the Chaos is for you if . . .

  • You LONG to achieve professional success, AND you WANT to enjoy a life beyond this successes. 
  • You STRUGGLE with issues of disorganization, procrastination, and perfectionism, but you’re READY to make needed changes.
  • You FEEL overwhelmed by the number and complexity of your commitments and WANT a manageable system for keeping up with them.
  • You WANT to implement evidence-based productivity strategies, but you DON'T HAVE the time to invest in learning and maintaining complicated systems.
  • YOU ARE DETERMINED to create and contribute regularly. 
  • You’re TIRED of living with confusion and constant stress. 
  • You’re READY to learn some strategies to get moving and manage your stress. 
  • You WANT an organization structure that insures you stay on top of your paper and electronic stuff. 

But it's NOT for you if:

  • You prefer to work alone and figure it out on your own time.
  • You prefer to study ideas rather than practice applying them.
  • **You prefer to keep hoping something, besides you, will change.
  • You aren’t ready to invest in yourself and prefer to use free resources. 
  • You’re not committed to taking action, embracing change, or trying the strategies offered. 

TAME the Chaos Package Summary

  • 4-Months of one-on-one coaching sessions (3 per month)
  • 90-minute initial strategy session to tailor your package
  • Text and/or email support between sessions
  • Short Tuitorials when needed that offer ideas and evidence-based strategies 
  • Self-Reflection Exercises that aid with application, the essential ingredient for transformation!

Choose the Payment Option that Fits Your Needs

  • Monthly Payments $325/Month for 4 Months
  • Paid in Full $1,200 (Save $100)

Referral DISCOUNT OFFER: If you enroll AND refer someone who enrolls, you receive a $200 discount 


Is this one-on-one coaching experience worth the money?

That depends on the value of your time. What’s the cost of losing your breaks and vacation time doing crunch time work because you didn’t get it done during the semester. What is the value of recaptured time you once lost to procrastinating? What’s the value of time you no longer lose paralyzed by perfection or whittled away with distractions? What is the value of time you make available to relax and connect with family and friends? Clearly, losing time is far more expensive. When you consider the value of your time, you will discover investing in TAME the Chaos will save you money.

How and when do the coaching sessions meet?

We will meet for your one-on-one coaching session 3 times per month via phone call, video conferencing (Zoom), or if you live in Columbia, SC the first month can be face-to-face. The initial session is a special 90-minute stretegy session to tailor TAME the Chaos for your particular challenges. The remaining sessions for the first month are 60-minutes. After that they will be 50 minutes. You will schedule these via an online scheduler so you can plan while relaxed and when you have access to your complex schedule. I find this works better than experiencing the stress of deciding on the phone or the frustration of numerous email exchanges. I'm also available for text and/or email support between sessions.

How much time will TAME the Chaos take each week?

Completing the exercises and reviewing materials I provide for you are an essential part of your progress. They are part of the change and new habit-formation process. These are not time consuming, but you will need 2-3 hours per week for the coaching call, as well as the preparation and reflection work. Consistency is more important than the amount of time you spend. Along the way you will be adding new actions and habits into your life. But much of this will not be new time but redirected time.  

Is there any value in one-one-one coaching if I’m not on the tenure track or if I’m already tenured?

Absolutely! No matter your job title, years of service, or unique collection of responsibilities, you have goals and aspirations. If you didn’t have goals and aspirations you wouldn’t be exploring the details of this program. Whether you are a graduate students, instructor, clinical faculty, associate professor, assistant professor, professor, or administrator, you can benefit from this program that takes a comprehensive look at how to create the foundation and support system for maximizing your personal and professional potential.  

If my primary responsibility is teaching rather than research, can I benefit from TAME the Chaos?

Absolutely! The pressures and high expectations around a career in higher education are not limited to those on the tenure track. Pressures to publish can feel overwhelming. Yet faculty positions with heavy teaching loads are also stressful. Often these positions require multiple course preps and significant service responsibilities, responsibilities that can become much less burdensome with effective productivity and planning strategies.  

Can I do this if my challenges with disorganization and procrastination are longstanding? 

Coaching focuses on the future. The goal is finding strategies that insure progress. We can work together to create a new story and help you let go of your earlier disappointments and failed approaches. Change is very possible! What's needed is desire and willingness to change. If you have that needed desire and willingness then all the past strategies that haven’t worked won’t need any attention. 

“Janet is a wonderful coach! . . . a very good listener and provides honest and helpful feedback. She has been able to help with any issue that I’ve brought to coaching sessions. . . .I’ve been using the insights I’ve gained to improve my personal and professional life. This has increased my confidence in my abilities and has changed the way that I think about information.” Higher education educator, SC

“Janet helped me develop a clear vision of problems big and small and an understanding of the emotional element involved in decision-making–both in terms of my emotions and the emotions of those effected by my decisions. . . .Being coached by Janet has been a very productive experience for me. It has made me much better at what I do. I would urge anyone to make this investment in themselves.” Academic, SC

“Janet’s coaching style is very warm, patient and positive. She is an excellent partner for a coach! She is a great listener who can tease out what you are saying to her and foster a deeper awareness for the client through her questions. Her voice is calm and encouraging. I always felt valued and appreciated as her client.” Academic, Texas

“Janet is flexible and fluid. She listens and meets you where you are. She is not afraid to challenge you or try different tactics. She asked good questions and encouraged me to think on where I could impact change and to look at situations from other perspectives.” Non-profit director, NC

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • I stand by my coaching. 
  • I don’t want you to experience choosing me as your coach as a gamble. 
  • If you decide after 30 daysTAME the Chaos is not right for you, I’ll refund 100% of your payment.

Ready to Commit to Building a Foundation that Will Serve You Throughout Your Career?

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Questions? Doubts? Concerns? ASK